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Gutter Repairs for Brisbane Homeowners

Has your guttering seen better days? Do you experience minor flooding around the house every time it rains? If you are nodding your head, it may be time for gutter repairs or a complete replacement. If you’ve got an older property such as a heritage home, brick unit or even a classic Queenslander, there’s a chance that yours haven’t been re-done since the property was first established. After decades of heavy use and dozens of rain storms, there’s no wonder they’re worn out or coming loose. 

Why get professional services?

It is important to ensure your guttering is well maintained, as it captures and diverts the rain water that falls on your roof. When it is clogged or leaking, you’ll find that this water simply collects around the base of your house, flooding pathways and gardens. In heavy rain, there is also the chance that it could flood your home. Even minor flooding can cause damage, especially if it becomes a regular occurrence over time – so it is best to take preventative measures before minor problems become big issues.

Gutter repairs can also improve the efficiency of your stormwater collection system. If you like to collect rainwater for use on your garden, or even as drinking water, a broken or rusted-through gutter will make that a lot harder. The team at DND Roofing can make necessary repairs quickly and efficiently, identifying points of weakness, fixing or replacing components as necessary, and then testing to make sure there are no remaining leaks.

If we’re completely re-doing your guttering from scratch, we can also make recommendations about maximising the amount of water you capture, and keeping it clean. For example, we can install colour-matching guards to keep leaves out without blocking the flow of water.

Why choose DND Roofing?

Here at DND Roofing, we are well equipped to carry out gutter repairs right across Brisbane. Our trained technicians are very experienced, and can assess and repair them as deemed necessary. We’ll never replace when it is not needed, however in some cases we come across guttering that is simply beyond repair. If this is the case, we can carry out a complete replacement, ensuring yours are fully-functioning for many years to come.

In addition to technical expertise, we pride ourselves on our approach to each and every project we undertake. As an independent, local, family owned and operated business, we’re in touch with our client’s concerns. Whether it’s making your gutters look great for an open inspection, or developing an eco-friendly rainwater solution, we’ll make sure your needs and ideas are addressed.

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Are you looking for a company that can repair and replace guttering in Brisbane? DND Roofing is your first port of call. If you have any questions regarding our service, or would like to discuss a specific issue, be sure to contact our expert team today on 0400 470 336.